Welcome to Rattlejag Morris

Take a dose of recently collected local material, mix it with the ideas of a modern dance team and you have Rattlejag!

Rattlejag Morris is a mixed dance side formed in January 2002 with the aim of reviving and developing a dance tradition based in our own local area. Using recently collected material from East Yorkshire as a starting point and also our own material from local research into dancing in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire we have set out to revive and then develop our own locally based dance tradition.

We perform broom dances, bacca pipe dances and sword dances amongst many others which are unique to our group and we are continually developing new dances .

We use many local tunes rarely heard or music written to suit a particular dance. Our signature dance is the Holderness Rattle.

Rattlejag morris would like everyone who supported our May morning celebration at Laxton on May 1st a fantastic turnout..

Conditions were excellent many thanks to our caterers who did an excellent job, pictures are now in our pictures section       video  

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