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Dancing Our Plough Morris Style

New Publication by Chris Rose

Dancing in their Uncouth Fashion: £5.00

It was widely believed that any vestiges of morris dancing in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire were long lost.

Dancing in their Uncouth Fashion presents the evidence for the survival of a dance tradition into the nineteenth century. It tells the story of the old dancers and looks at how we can take this lost dance tradition forward into the future.

To obtain a copy please email Chris Rose at: chrisivyfarm@googlemail.com

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Mon 20 Apr 2020 8.30pmPractice : Practice Night CANCELLED
Sun 26 Apr 2020General : Ollerton St George's Day Celebration CANCELLED
Mon 27 Apr 2020 8.30pmPractice : Practice Night CANCELLED
Fri 01 May 2020 5.20amEvent : May Day Dance at Sunrise, Castle Hill, Laxton,  Near Newark NG22 0SX

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